J.T.Kanehira Discography

J.T. Kanehira 通算7作目のアルバム!J.T. SINGS GEORGE JONES

■2013.4.26、天国へと旅立った Georg Jones を追悼し、全タイトル値下げしました!





1931 - 2013

LRJ -1007 (ロンスター)

2010 年1月発売 ¥2000→¥700 

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Lone Star ★ Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

本橋よしや : Steel Guitar (on tracks 2,3,5,7,8 & 9) Nashville TN.
荻野義典 : Steel Guitar (on tracks 1,4,6,10 &11)
高野秀臣 : Fiddle
キャンディ岡田 : Keyboards
スリム益子: Bass
木島弘平 : Drums
チャーリー : Harmonica
J.T. Kanehira:Guitars
J.T. Kanehira, Sincea & Mizuho:Harmony Vocals

1 She Thinks I Still Care
2 Choices
3 We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds(Duet with Candy
4 One Is A Lonely Number
5 Golden Ring(Duet with Mizuho
6 Almost Persuaded
7 Take Me(Duet with Macca
8 Love's Gonna Live Here
9 Cryin' Time(Duet with Sincea)
10 I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair
11 Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes

LRJ -1006 (ロンスター)

2008 年10月発売 ¥2000→¥700 

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Lone Star ★ Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

Hank Nelson (J.T. Kanehira) : Vocal, Guitars, Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Bass and Drums

1.Lost Highway
2.I Can't Help It
3.Lonesome Whistle
4.May You Never Be Alone
5.Honky Tonk Blues
6.Cold Cold Heart
7.Mansion On The Hill
8.Your Cheatin' Heart
9.Weary Blues From Waitin'
10.Lovesick Blues
11.Hey,Good Lookin'
12.You Win Again
13.I Saw The Light
14.My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
15.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


そしてもう一つはC.C.R.のJohn Fogertyのアルバム「Blue Ridge Rangers」のように演奏も全て自分でやってしまうこと。

★このアルバムの歌詞はこちらに載せてあります。(訳詞:田澤 泉)

LRJ -1005 (ロンスター)

2006 年3月発売 ¥3000→¥700

Recorded at Mikron Recording Studio, South Pittsburg,TN.
Mixed and Mastered at Sound Control Studio, Nashville,TN.

John Hughey : Steel Guitar (on tracks 1,3,5,9 &10)
Mike Headrick : Steel Guitar (on tracks 2,4,6,7,8,11&12) Guitars & Harmonica
Joe Caverlee : Fiddle
Tim Atwood : Keyboards
Kenny Berry : Bass
Bob Courter : Drums
Jimmy Layne : Harmony Vocals

1.I'm A One Woman Man
2.The Old Side Of Town  
3.A Picture Of Me Without You
4.Okie From Muskogee
5.Hello Darlin'
6.Bandy The Rodeo Clown
7.Time Marches On  
8.Faded Love
9.The Race is On
10.He Stopped Loving Her Today
11.(She Called Me)Japanese Willie
12.The Shake

TEXAS TORNADO and his new classics 
AUCD-1002 (ロンスター)

1998年9月発売 ¥2800→¥700

Recorded at Oak Valley studios, Nashville, TN. 

Doug Jernigan : Steel Guitar (on tracks 1,5,6,7,8,10&12)
Buddy Emmons : Steel Guitar (on tracks 2,3&9)
Josua Motohashi : Steel Guitar (on tracks 4&11)
Rob Hajacos : Fiddle
Bob Patin : Keyboards
David Smith : Bass
Bill Hullett : Lead Guitar
Bruce Watkins : Rhythm Guitar
John Stacy : Drums
Russell Terrell : Harmony Vocals

1.Don't Take Her She's All I Got
2.One Two, I Love You
3.Texas Tornado
4.Save the Last Dance for Me
5.I Like it, I Love it
6.Your Heart Turned Left
7.All My Ex's Livin' In Texas
8.Two Dollars in the Jukebox
9.One Night at a Time
10.Chasin' the Neon Rainbow
11.Too Cold at Home
12.Bartender's Blues

13.One Night at a Time
14.Save the Last Dance for Me

28C-8178(J) (アメリカーナ)

1993年12月発売 ¥2800→¥700

Recorded at Reflections studio, Nashville, TN.

Doug Jernigan : Steel Guitar
Bob Patin : Keyboards
David Smith : Bass
John Gardner : Drums
Mike Severs : Lead Guitar
Mike Douchett : Rhythm Guitar
Hank Singer : Fiddle
Johnny Paycheck : Solo and Harmony Vocal on "Drunk On Arrival"
Danny Bailey : Harmony Vocals

1.For The Love of The Song
2.Drunk On Arrival (Vocal Duo with Johnny Paycheck)
3.Blacktop Road
4.Gentle As The Wind Blows
6.My Way Or The Highway
7.Son Of The Western Soil
8.She Don't Do Nothig For Me
9.This Old Heartaches Hanging On There
10.Swinging Single
11.My Cowboy Boots (English Version)  

28C-8150(J) (アメリカーナ)


Recorded at ICC studios, Tokyo, Japan

金平 隆 : Guitar & Fiddle
荻野義典 : Steel Guitar
チャーリー : Harmonica & Guitar
安部賢一 : Piano
ジョージ塩崎 : Bass
ジーザス山田 : Drums

1.Keep On Driving
3.Drinkin' Bourbon
5.Goodbye My Darling
6.My Cowboy Boots
7.Give Me One More Chance
10.Country Music Makes Me So Happy
11.Good Night

J.T.BLUES/金平 隆
28C-8086(J) (アメリカーナ)


Recorded at Oak Valley studios, Nashville, TN.

★1991.11月 1st レコーディング in Nashville TN. with Buddy Emmon 他

Buddy Emmons : Steel Guitar
Rob Hajacos : Fiddle
David Smith : Bass
Jerry Kloon : Drums
Hargus"Pig"Robbins : Piano
Terry McMillan : Harmonica
Greg Galbraith : Lead Guitar
Roger Ball : Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Wilson : Harmony Vocals

1.(She Called Me) Japanese Willie
2.Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
3.Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be A Cowboy
4.Truck Drivin' Man
5.The Bottle Let Me Down
6.Silver Wings
7.J.T. Blues
8.Yellow Rose of Texas
9.(Take Me Back) Yesterday Once More
10.San Antonio Rose
11.The Wild Side of Life
13.Today I Started Loving You Again
14.If You're Gonna Play In Texas